Mu Jang-A-Chi (Radish Pickles)



  1. Rinse the radishes in cold water and trim the root and stems.
  2. Thinly slice the radish bulb and set it aside.
  3. Make the vinegar mixture in a small saucepan by mixing them all and bring it to boil on low heat until the sugar dissolves (about 3- 4 mins). Whisk it occasionally to promote the dissolving process.
  4. Put the sliced radish in a sterile glass jar and pour in the vinegar mixture.
  5. Let the jar cool down and close the lid. (Though it’s only lukewarm, so you won’t have to wait long.) Leave at room temperature for a few hours then refrigerate.
  6. Serve with your choice of main dishes (e.g. Korean BBQ, Korean Fried Chicken, etc).


The pickles taste better after 48 hours. While they will keep well in the fridge for several weeks, it tastes best in the first 7 days, with still a good taste and a crunchy texture.