Tteok Bokki (Spicy Rice Cakes)





  1. Unless your rice cakes are soft already, soak them in warm water for 10 mins.
  2. Boil the soup stock in a shallow pot over medium-high heat and dissolve the tteokbokki sauce by stirring it. Once the seasoned stock boiling, add the rice cakes, fish cakes, and onion. Boil them a further 3-5 min until the rice cakes are fully cooked. Simmer it over low heat for a further 2-4 min to thicken the sauce and deepen the flavor.
  3. Add the sesame oil, sesame seeds, and green onion then quickly stir. Serve warm.


Leftover tteokbokki can be refrigerated for a day or two. When reheating, add some spare soup stock or water (though it won’t be as saucy as the first time).